Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Week 1.
I am using the technique of dissolving the daily Biotin dose of 300mg in a 500ml bottle of spring water and sipping throughout the day.
Each night I prepare the water for the next day.
For the first four days I took a reduced dose, and had no obvious side effects or interactions, so moved up to the full dose.
No effects in either direction were noted (no surprise there).

Week 2.
After the first full week on a full dose, there is nothing to report.
Either way, nothing.
In the context of the great experiment, the lack of any adverse effects is perhaps the most important thing.

Week 3.
No adverse effects noted.
On the plus side – up until now I could only wriggle the second and third toes on my left leg, now it is only the little toe that I cannot move. The ability to wriggle four of them seems to fall off after a few wriggles, and this is probably a case of very rapid muscle fatigue (the same thing happened a few years back as I lost the ability to bend my left knee more than a couple or three times). Now the plan is to keep moving the toes, just to see if this is a transitory effect.

Week 4.
Now I can flex all the toes on my left foot. As before, the ability falls off after about 5 flexes, but there is a nerve pathway and some muscle response where there was none before.

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