Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Week 39 to Week 52
I came off Biotin for a time.
First, I was suffering from a yeast infection which was not clearing up.  Thinking Biotin might have an influence, I figured it would cost me nothing to stop.
Then came a blood test, so I waited to restart. Then, the infection cleared up.
Then came another blood test (another delay), and the infection returned – so I am now back on Biotin.


  1. Hello Geoff, I stumbled upon your blog, thank you for sharing. I'm looking for information about biotin and other treatments for MS. I have 3 friends diagnosed with the disease. We're living in France and they don't speak English - that is the reason why I do a lot of reading and hope to be able to get the information through. In France - at least in the Provence, there aren't many options for treatment. Mostly highly dosed cortisone for the friend who's been diagnosed about 3 months ago. And she's not doing much better.
    Another friend started biotin recently with exercises. He's walking with a can and can only move in the morning... Hope to read more about your experience with biotin soon. Have a good day! Ciska Glachant from France

    1. Hi Ciska,
      I started the blog just because it seemed that no-one else was doing a week-by-week report on taking Biotin.
      I think that the only down-sides are the potential for increased spasticity, and the need to sto for a week before a blood test.
      I plan to cover the spasticity within the next few days.
      My wife and i loved France and we were just about to rent an apartment for six months, in preparation for a move over the channel, when I was hit by what became MS. Then my wife got Parkinsons. Now we do not go anywhere.

  2. Hi Geoff, I was wondering if you had experienced any sort of interference with biotin and lab tests in the past? How did you know to stop taking the supplement to get your tests?

    1. I thought I had co0vered this earlier, but ...
      A routine blood test for PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) gave a value of 31.5 (into the danger zone for Prostate Cancer. Then I found out that Biotin could affect the test results www.http://medday-lab.com/ ond stopped a week before the next test. Value on this test was 4.5 (normal for my age). Look at the URL above and PSA is in the 4th column under Oncology.
      A Urologist told me that Biotin could not possibly affect the PSA test -he came from Eastern Europe and I guess that he was thinking of the 1% stuff they sell in the Healthfood shops. I think I would trust Medday Labs more.