Thursday, 15 October 2015

Week 9.
There is a very small amount of voluntary movement in my left knee. This is comparable to the ankle movement noted in Week 8. The muscles seem to fatigue out very quickly. Obviously, regular exercise of these joints is indicated.

Week 10
No real change from week 9.

Week 11.
Much the same as the previous two weeks. The ability to flex all the toes does remain. The knee and ankle remain in the “just moving” category, and the amount of movement has not increased.

Week 12.
There is a development on the knee movement. With no weight on the knee joint at all, I can get almost full movement. To be precise: if I lie on my right side, I can bring the left knee up toward my chin, and then straighten the leg out again. And, I can do it several times. This has become a regular exercise now. Obviously the nerve pathway is still there, but the muscle is weak.

Following on from the previous digression … …
I may not get the “average” improvement of 0.5 on my EDSS. But, if I get more movement in my left knee and ankle, the effect of my FES will be more obvious, and my mobility will improve. I will still need a tri-walker, but it could become easier to use.

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