Sunday, 22 November 2015

Week 13.
No change that I can detect. Movement in left knee as not so good, but this came down to stiffness in the knee that went with the application of a heating pad.

Week 14.
The same as last week. The tiny improvements are still there, but have not improved.
As side effects, my hair seems a touch thicker, but nails still break just as easily.

Week 15.
The tiny improvements continue. Movement in the ankle is definitely there, but it is just as much felt, as observed.

Week 16.
The ankle movement has now been observed by a physiotherapist. I am back to having physio regularly, so improvements are open to independent verification. Some of my left leg movements can also be detected.  So, there are several “improvements” since I started Biotin (300mg daily). None of them are big enough to make any difference to my EDSS score, but the improvement in my left ankle movement can only help the FES to reduce the effect of the dropped foot. As an aside: both my MS Nurse, and Neuro are supportive of me taking Biotin.

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