Saturday, 19 December 2015

Week 19.
Interesting. I stopped taking Biotin for the whole week. No obvious withdrawal effects, no changes to the tiny bits of movement that have come back to my left leg and foot.  Had blood taken toward the end of the week (for a PSA test – more on this next week).

Week 20.
Started the week with a visit to the Urology clinic, The consultant told me that he did not accept that Biotin could affect a PSA test. This test is involved in the diagnosis of prostate cancer. Now the Blood test was “normal” unlike the one in October which was “slightly elevated”. Now, I cannot see Cerenday putting out wrong information, so if you add the two things together, my guess is that it was Biotin that started the cancer scare in the first place. Happily, the medication for my over-active bladder has been changed and has made a favourable difference. Now back to the “normal” 300mg daily.

Week 21.
Having gone back to normal, I have to say that I did not notice any difference when I stopped dead, or when I restarted. All the tiny movements that I had noted over the first few months have stayed with me, and no new additions have shown up. I regard this as a good sign, as some of the high-priced prescription drugs for aspects of MS are noted for a downturn if stopped suddenly.

Week 22.
Physically – no change.  I have had the copy report after my last Neurologist appointment for a few weeks now, and am reducing my Gabapentin by one 300mg capsule per week. I am supposed to stop when the neuropathic pain reappears. Got down to 1800mg per day (from 2700mg) and an staying on this until the Christmas holiday is over. No adverse signs, but some dystonia type pain in right thigh which can be related to certain muscles

This week I got the formal Urologists report (after the visit in Week 20) with actual numbers for the reduction in PSA. These do tend to confirm that Biotin had lead to an elevated PSA in my first blood test, so I really do advocate that anyone who is about to have blood tests carried out visit the URL in Week18 and stop Biotin for 4-5 days before the blood is drawn.

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