Monday, 25 January 2016

Week 23.
No physical change from the previous week.

Week 24.
No physical change from the previous week. This may mean that the Biotin will do me no more good, or that it will take more work (or physio) to get any further benefits.  The story continues … .

Week 25.
Much the same as Week 24. No obvious change, but all the small improvements remain.

Week 26.
No detectable change. During a physio session, I managed 4 steps (2 right and 2 left) without support. My FES was switched on, and the steps could be described a controlled lurches, but it may be that the slight increase in left ankle movement is helping the FES do its job,

Week 27.
This could have been “no change”, but for one thing … In the physio session this week they had me walking up and down between parallel bars.  This feels nice and safe because there is something to grab onto just an inch or so from your hand. Now, without holding on, but with my FES switched on, I walked about 20 yards without support. Not, I have to say, in one go; it was in chunks of 3-4 yards with a rest in-between, and it was more like a series of controlled lurches than a normal walking movement. I have not walked this far for at least two years.  This will not get me a 0.5 decrease in my EDSS, but it is a real, visible improvement. The target now is to get some strength back into my left leg.

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