Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Week 28.
No change since last week

Week 29.
No real change. Another physio session, including walking between the parallel bars.
I can manage 5-6 yards without holding on, but over 20 yards I start to need some support from the bars. Without the FES, I can hardly move at all. Apart from the morale boost, the best bit is that this is giving the physio a chance to observe my gait in some detail.

Week 30.
At an annual FES clinic, my performance on the Timed 25ft Walk, was the same as it was one year ago.  How much is down to Biotin I do not know, but I figure it is not doing me any harm.

Week 31.
No real change in the mobility. Fingernails are growing visibly faster.

Week 32.
No big changes. With no weight at all on left leg, there is a clear (but tiny) improvement in voluntary flexion in left ankle. Some leg movements have not improved. And, a couple of minor changes in condition (non-MS related) may be masking any real improvements.

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  1. Although your changes have not been dramatic, there is clearly evidence of remapped neural pathways. Very exciting stuff!